Easy Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids Tutorials

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Easy Mother’s Day Crafts For Kids Tutorials

Looking for a fun way to make this Mother’s Day super special? Try out these Mother’s Day crafts for kids. Each tutorial offers a creative way to get crafty this spring – and result in cute, personal gifts that are sure to make even the least sentimental mums swoon.

We’ve handpicked these crafts because they’re simple, fun – and all the materials are easy to get hold of online. From scented sugar scrubs to personalised picture frames, find the perfect craft for your kids to get their teeth into in time for Mother’s Day!

1. Fruity Flavourful Sugar Scrubs

Everybody loves a good pamper sesh – from mums to stepmums to grandmas – so these sugar scrub recipes are sure to go down a storm. Made mainly from store cupboard ingredients, this is a thrifty yet thoughtful craft idea. For a fabulous finish, shop for a stylish clip-top Le Parfait jar to keep this sugar scrub fresh.

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2. Crown Bottle Top Photo Frame Magnets

Even the simplest packaging items can be upcycled – you just need a little inspiration! Crown caps from beer bottles or plastic bottles are great for making fun fridge magnets. Kids can paint the caps however they like for added creativity. Plus, they’ll love going through all the family photos and choosing their favourites.

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3. Scented Lip Balm

This tutorial makes it easy to transform an everyday item into a super-useful gift. Freshen up a pot of glum petroleum jelly by adding delicious flavourful scents into the mix! Kids can make their own labels for an extra personal touch. If you’re feeling adventurous, experiment with natural colourings for a tinted finish.

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4. Mason Jar Picture Frame

Turn a mason jar into a picture frame with this easy tutorial! Kids will love painting the jars, and mums will love the sentiment behind the finished frame. Fill the vase with beautiful fresh-cut flowers for an extra flourish.

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5. Perfumed Pillow Spray

Give the gift of a good night’s sleep with this recipe for DIY linen spray. With just a few simple ingredients, your little ones can blend their own fragrance to help mum get some much-needed shut-eye. Simply mix the ingredients together, bottle your concoction in a cute spray container, and design a label for the front.

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6. Painted Potted Herbs

This starter herb garden is an adorable gift, especially for mums who love to cook. Many herbs are easy to grow from seeds, so you can start your own plant from scratch. Alternatively, potted herbs are available in many supermarkets and garden centres. The kids will love designing and painting their flowerpots!

7. Tinted Mason Jars For Flowers & Sweets

Transform boring glass mason jars into little rays of sunshine! These colourful mason jars are sure to add brightness and fun to any space. Just fill them with flowers, candles, sweets or stationery – whatever mum loves most. These jars are guaranteed to brighten her day.

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8. Homemade Jam

Level up your breakfast-in-bed game with this homemade jam. Jam is super easy to make, and kids are sure to love the process of watching the fruit get all gooey and bubbly as it cooks down into jam. This flexible recipe is great, as it accounts for whichever fruit is mum’s favourite. Store your preserves in these cute country-style jam jars – we love the gingham lids!

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9. Herbal Perfume Spray

Make a statement scent for mum this Mother’s Day with this heavenly herbal perfume tutorial. Go foraging for flowers and herbs (or buy them online – we won’t judge!) and infuse their fragrances to create this fabulous perfume. Choose from lavender and lilac or rosemary and sage – both flavours are sure to impress!

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Feeling inspired? So are we! Don’t forget to share your finished craft photos with us on Twitter or Facebook – we’ll feature our favourites on our social media pages!