8 Easy Easter Craft Ideas

Easy Easter Craft Ideas

8 Easy Easter Craft Ideas

Whether you’re a foodie, a florist, or just fancy trying your hand at something new, Easter is a great time of year to get crafty! With these 8 easy easter craft ideas, you’re sure to find something fun to work on – whether you’re crafting with the kids or just passing a rainy spring day.

1. Make your own jam

There are hundreds of easy seasonal jam recipes available online – just pick your favourite springtime flavour! Homemade jam is perfect for sunny spring breakfasts. (Still a chill in the air? Stir it into your porridge for a taste of warmer weather!) Make sure you have food safe jam jars that are suitable for hot fill and sterilising. Your jams are sure to last a whole lot longer!

2. Sweet jars

Easter’s a pretty good time of year if you’ve got a sweet tooth. Store your goodies in one of these adorable sweet jars! You can even enlist the kids to paint them in bright colours. Just be sure you don’t show them where it’s hidden!

3. Jazzy fruit juices

As the weather warms up, fresh fruit juices are a great way to keep hydrated and refreshed. You can find lots of recipes online – the less added sugar, the better! Store your juices in food safe bottles with wide necks – they’re easy to fill, and you can ensure there’s no leaks or spills.

4. Miniature vases

Vases come in all shapes and sizes – so if you’re looking for a new way to display your fresh-cut flowers, we’ve got just the thing! These apothecary bottles are perfect for a minimalist display of single stems.

5. Reed diffusers

No more wintry cinnamon flavours – in spring, it’s all about the florals. Find a flowery fragrance you love – check out the essential oils in your local health store – and mix it with a base oil to create a signature scent. Fill a diffuser bottle with your new scent and let the smell of spring float through your home!

6. Sugar scrubs

If you’re entertaining over Easter weekend, you’re likely to need some downtime afterwards. Sugar scrubs are a delicious way to pamper yourself – just mix simple but effective ingredients and store them in a stylish sealed jar. You may already have the ingredients you need in your kitchen cupboard! We recommend lidded PET plastic jars for the bathroom – they’re crystal clear like glass, but totally shatterproof.

7. Plant pots

Want to bring a little bit of the outside world into your home? Turn these adorable tumblers or candle jars into pots for your cacti or succulents. You can either decorate them in pastel spring colours, or let the crystal clear glass display your greenery for you. It’s a great way to add some springtime foliage into your living space!

8. Easter hamper

Hampers are quintessentially Easter. Traditionally filled with chocolate, wine, whisky and other goodies, you can choose to fill your hampers with anything you like. They’re a truly thoughtful gift, with just a touch of decadence – perfect for the Easter Sunday lunch hosts. For maximum craft points, fill with other homemade goodies!

Whatever you’re making this Easter, we want to see it! Share your easy Easter craft ideas with us on Facebook. See you there!