50ml White HDPE Swipe Bottle & 20mm Natural Atomiser Spray – Surplus

50ml White HDPE Swipe Bottle & 20mm Natural Atomiser Spray – Surplus



Our 50ml white HDPE Bottle with natural (Semi transparent spray) great for thinner products and solutions, such as scents and fragrances.

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50ml White Plastic Spray Bottle

Our 50ml White Plastic Spray Bottle. Made from HDPE in a moulded in the traditional ‘swipe’ shape, with a round body and sloping shoulders leading up to a small 20mm neck opening. This small HDPE plastic bottle is suitable for packaging a wide range of products, such as toiletries, health care, automotive, cleaning, chemicals, pet shampoos and more.

This bottle comes with our semi-transparent atomiser spray head. Great for housing and dispensing your thinner products, such as antibacterial solutions, fragrances and scents etc.

Made from HDPE plastic you can expect a quality and robust bottle, lightweight too. Great for online shops looking to post their products.

900 per box

Price includes 20mm Atomiser Spray Head

Our 50ml HDPE bottle comes complete with a 20mm Atomiser Spray Cap. The finger operated cap is perfect for dispensing thinner liquids in a light mist. The spray head has a clear over-cap, eliminating accidental sprays a, whilst keeping the head dust-free.The head comes with a plastic tube, which feeds the solution from the bottle through to the head. In some cases this tube may need to be trimmed to fit the bottle size. This can be done easily using standard scissors.

  • This listing is for the 50ml White bottle and 20mm Atomiser Spray
  • Compatible caps include:
    • 20mm aluminium screw caps – Here
    • 20mm spray screw cap – Here
    • 20mm standard plastic screw cap – Here
    • 20mm Flip Cap – Here
    • 20mm Disc-top cap – Here
    • 20mm Spout cap – Here

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