500ml Cobalt Blue Tubular PET Bottle & Silver Atomiser Spray

500ml Cobalt Blue Tubular PET Bottle & Silver Atomiser Spray

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Elegant 500ml Cobalt blue plastic bottle comes with a Black & Silver Atomiser Spray. Made from quality PET plastic which offers a lightweight, less fragile alternative to glass, saves on transport costs too! Part of the Cobalt blue tubular bottle range, allowing you to use the same style bottle throughout your beauty or styling range.

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500ml Cobalt Blue Plastic Bottle With Silver Spray

Stunning 500ml capacity cobalt blue PET plastic bottle comes complete with elegant look gloss silver atomiser spray head. Made from high gloss PET plastic producing a bottle that is both lightweight and shatterproof. If you are looking for a simple yet effective way to reduced transport costs and breakages, this bottle is definitely something to consider.

When it comes to adding your own branding, the tubular shape lends itself perfectly. Whilst the small capacity is ideal for housing your travel and hotel amenity products.

The gloss silver atomiser spray head along with the striking cobalt blue colour of the bottle will instantly transform the look of your product, to one of elegance. Great for giving your product range a high end look and finish. Use this bottle and cap combination to house your luxury styling range, body fragrances, room and linen sprays, doggie colognes etc, and transform your product today! 

Price includes 24mm Premium Silver Atomiser Spray

Bottle comes with a 24mm Premium (Black & Silver) Atomiser spray head. A finger-press spray for dispensing thinner liquids in a light mist. The spray head has a clear over-cap, keeps the spray head dust free, stops accidental use during transit. Includes and a standard length dip tube (The clear plastic tube that sits in the bottle) This may need to be trimmed prior to use. (simply cut with scissors).

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