425ml Clear Plastic Squeezable Sauce Bottle & 38mm Smooth Flip Top Cap

425ml Clear Plastic Squeezable Sauce Bottle & 38mm Smooth Flip Top Cap


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425ml Clear PET plastic squeezable sauce bottle and black flip-top cap with a valve opening. A less fragile and cheaper alternative to glass. Great for housing and dispensing a range of sauces, dressings, ketchup’s and much more!

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425ml Plastic Squeezable Bottle With Smooth Flip Top Cap

425ml Squeezable clear PET plastic sauce and dressings bottle with a smooth plastic flip top cap with valve opening. If your usual choice is plastic then our PET bottle could be just the money saving option you’ve been looking for. The clear plastic offers maximum clarity to the product within – great for showcasing the natural colours or your dressings and sauces.

Our plastic squeezer bottles make dispensing condiments quick and easy. They’re great for sauces (ketchup, bbq, chili); syrups (honey, agave, maple); dressings (ranch, mayonnaise, chipotle, mustard) and much more!

Bottle comes with a 38mm smooth black plastic ‘Valve’ flip-top cap. The cap has an I.H.S. liner and can be used with a heat machine (The foil coating adheres to the bottle neck creating an airtight seal). No heat machine? Not a problem without a heating the device the cap the IHS is simply a cap liner (Preventing leakage). The valve opening helps reduce product build-up around the opening.

  • Price includes bottle and 38mm black smooth flip-top valve cap
  • Black and white flip top pour caps also available

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Weight 0.1 kg



86mm (width), 60mm (depth)


158mm (excl. cap), 168mm (incl. cap)


PET Plastic




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