200ml Clear rPET Boston Bottle & Silver Atomiser Spray

200ml Clear rPET Boston Bottle & Silver Atomiser Spray

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200ml Plastic bottle complete with luxury-look atomiser spray. The clear plastic allows you to beautifully present your room, linen and body fragrances etc. Great for a fine and even application.

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200ml Luxury-Look Plastic Spray Bottle

This 200ml bottle along with luxury look spray head is great for housing and dispensing your water based and thinner consistency solutions such as fragrances, scents and styling mists. The finger operated spray head allows the user to dispense the product in a fine and even mist. Great for an even application.

Made from rPET (Recycled Polyethylene Terephthalate) 100% recycled plastic! This bottle is a great compromise if you have no alternative but to use plastic packaging, can be an effective way of reducing your carbon footprint.

The bottle does have a slightly tinted grey appearance due to the recycled plastic used in the, however, this is a small price to pay for knowing you are doing your bit for the planet. The glass-like appearance and clear clarity offers maximum visibility to the product within. Great for showcasing the natural beauty of your product. An effective way of grabbing the attention of your customers. The straight sides and cylindrical shape allow you to easily add your own label, so branding this bottle to your own preference is easy.

rPET plastic offers a lightweight and shatterproof alternative to glass. Helps reduce breakages and transport costs (Worth considering if you are an online company looking to reduce costs).

This plastic bottle with gloss spray head is great for giving your product an elegant and high-end look. Great for room, linen and body fragrances, facial spritzers, self tanning solutions, styling and grooming solutions, doggie colognes and lot more. This bottle belongs to a family of bottles, with sizes in including 50ml, 100ml and 250ml. Which is something to consider if you have an assortment of products, but want the same uniformed look throughout?

Price includes 24mm Standard Atomiser Spray

Bottle comes with an elegant look 24mm Glossy silver and black Atomiser spray head. A finger-press spray for dispensing thinner liquids in a light mist. The spray head has a clear over-cap, stops accidental use during transit, and a standard length dip tube (The clear plastic tube that sits in the bottle) This may need to be trimmed prior to use. (simply cut with scissors)

Please note: Due to the 100% recycled plastic the bottles have a noticeable grey/ green tint.

  • Price for 200ml Boston Bottle With Luxury Atomiser Spray
  • Other sizes in our Eco friendly plastic bottle range includes: 50ml, 100ml and 250ml
  • Compatible caps include:
    • 24mm aluminium screw cap – Here
    • 24mm standard plastic screw cap – Here
    • 24mm Silver disc-top screw cap – Here
    • 24mm Flip Cap – Here
    • 24mm Luxury-look spray cap – Here

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