100ml PCR ‘Swipe’ Round Bottle & 20mm Atomiser Spray

100ml PCR ‘Swipe’ Round Bottle & 20mm Atomiser Spray

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Our 100ml HDPE Bottle comes with an Atomiser Spray Cap, which makes it ideal for packaging and dispensing products such as perfumes, hair sprays and polishes!

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100ml HDPE Bottle: Round PCR Plastic ‘Swipe’ Bottle With Atomiser Spray Cap

Our 100ml HDPE Bottle is made from high-density polyethylene plastic, which is strong, and reliable, yet flexible.  This bottle comes complete with a 20mm white atomiser cap, but is also compatible with our other 20mm screw caps.

This 100ml HDPE Bottle is a ‘swipe’ bottle, which refers to the distinct shape of the bottle. It has a round body, which leads up to narrowing sloping shoulders and a small 20mm wide neck opening. This 100ml spray bottle is suitable for packaging a wide variety of products that need a fine mist spray application, including hair sprays, body sprays, polish, pet care products, toiletries and much more.

This plastic bottle is part of our PCR (post-consumer recycled) product range, which have been manufactured partly or fully using recycled materials. Our 100ml HDPE Bottle is made up of 95% recycled plastic! PCR allows you to still enjoy the benefits and functionality that plastic products bring, without adding too much to your carbon footprint (compared to newly produced plastics). We also have PCR products in our PET plastic bottle ranges, so keep your eyes peeled for those as well!

Please be aware that, due to the recycled material within this product, the colour of these bottles may vary slightly. Unlike most HDPE packaging, this bottle is NOT food grade approved and is NOT suitable for storing food or drink products. 

20mm White Atomiser Spray Cap

Our 100ml HDPE Bottle comes complete with a 20mm Atomiser Spray Cap. This cap is activated using the finger-press spray and is perfect for dispensing thinner liquids in a light mist. The spray head has a clear over-cap, which stops it being accidentally activated during transit. It also has a standard length dip tube (the clear plastic tube that sits in the bottle), which may need to be trimmed  down to size prior to use. This can be done easily using standard scissors.


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