100ml PCR ‘Swipe’ Round Bottle (No Cap)

100ml PCR ‘Swipe’ Round Bottle (No Cap)

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Our 100ml HDPE Bottle is made up of 95% PCR (post-consumer recycled) materials! Compatible with 20mm wide caps.

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100ml HDPE Round Bottle: ‘Swipe’ Made Using 95% PCR

Our 100ml HDPE Round Bottle is moulded in the traditional ‘swipe’ shape, with a round body and sloping shoulders leading up to a small 20mm neck opening. This bottle is compatible with our 20mm caps. This small HDPE plastic bottle is suitable for packaging a wide range of products, such as toiletries, health care, automotive, cleaning, chemicals, pet shampoos and more, our HDPE bottles are strong and reliable.

This plastic bottle is part of our PCR (post-consumer recycled) product range. PCR products have been manufactured partly or fully using recycled materials. This particular 100ml HDPE PCR Bottle has been made using 95% recycled plastic! PCR allows you to still enjoy the benefits and functionality that plastic products bring, without adding too much to your carbon footprint (compared to newly produced plastics). Look out for more PCR in our PET plastic ranges!

Compatible Caps

This listing is for our 100ml HDPE Plastic Bottle only, but you also have the options to buy this bottle with compatible caps included (see the summary below). This plastic bottle has a 20mm wide neck and so is compatible with our 20mm caps. This gives you the option of pairing this bottle with many types of cap, including atomiser sprays, lotion pumps, screw caps and flip-tops.

This plastic bottle is versatile, due to the wide range of caps it can be paired with, making it suitable for use in a huge number of different industries.


Please be aware that, due to the recycled material within this product, the colour of these products may vary slightly. Unlike most HDPE products, this bottle is NOT food grade approved and NOT suitable for storing food or drink products.

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